Hot Pepper Wax Concentrate, Quart

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Hot Pepper Wax natural insect repellent is a garden/greenhouse spray repellent and insecticide proven effective against aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, cabbage loopers, beet armyworms and much more! Protects up to two weeks with one treatment. The chief active ingredient, capsaicin, is an extract from cayenne peppers. It's harmless to humans - in fact, it's as edible as the sauce on barbecued buffalo wings. Using a patented formula and process, Hot Pepper Wax blends capsaicin with a highly refined paraffin wax and other "food grade" ingredients. The result is a spray that coats plants with a harmless, micro thin barrier to deter pests. Some insects are done in by the capsaicin, others by the wax. It also acts as an "anti-transpirant", reducing water loss and stress...a true benefit for new transplants! It's also safe for edible crops - washes off in warm water!

Product Information


  • One quart concentrate
  • Makes 32 quarts of usable spray
  • Mix ratio is 1 part Hot Pepper Wax to 16 parts water. For heavy infestations, 1 part Wax to 16 parts water. For maintaining repellency after infestation is under control, 1 part Wax to 64 parts water
  • Active ingredient: Capsaicin....0.00018%
  • Other ingredients: 99.99982%

Product Features

  • Hot Pepper Wax Insect Spray is especially good at controlling soft-bodied insects that feed on the leaves, flowers, fruit and stems of plants. Besides repelling insects by covering the plant leaves, direct application to smooth bodied larvae has been observed to be harmful to them



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