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Cut through weeds and cultivate soil all with one efficient tool.

Used with the blade flat to ground it slices off weeds right at the soil level. Turn on its side with point down to loosen soil along edges of beds or to clean out cracks. 5in x 1-5/8in blade with welded 1/4in square steel tang, wood handle. 10-1/2in overall. Ideal general purpose gardening tool. Weight 0.4 lb.

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Blade size 5in. x 1 5/8in., welded 1/4in. square steel tang, wood handle, overall size 10 1/2in., weight 4lbs.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one-year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

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from PA

Not for Left Handers


This tool is designed for righties even though it is usable by us less fortunate lefties. I wish they had a left handed option. Same story with the Cape Cod weeder. I have had this weeder for over 4 years (my second) without issue other than a little rust. I keep the tool in the vegetable garden exposed to the weather all season. That way it's handy when I spot a pesky weed and I'm inclined to destroy something.

from OH

Hand Weeder/Cultivator


My favorite tool and I am lost without it. It gets into places that a long handle tool misses. I garden on a slope and it is perfect for that.

from NC

Most Used


Love this tool for weeding and cultivating. It does wonders cutting through soil to lift weeds and also cut them at the surface. I use it to edge my garden area which has horrible invasive grass around it that grows here by itself. Fabulous planting tool also. I have bought the longer handled tool and once they bend (you tend to think they can take more abuse I guess) they never work the same and I always find myself looking for this one. Also, love the Scuffle Hoe for clearing large areas of weeds fast.


Should be better


It really is a wonderful weeder, but the handle does not stay attached. Extremely frustrating.

from CO

Can't live without it


It is the most fantastic garden tool I have ever had. One time couldn't find it, so ordered another one. I have given them to 2 family members that can't live without it either! I have had people make comments about how do you have such weed free flowerbeds. This is it.

from NC



It has a great cutting edge and makes quick work of preparing and loosening soil and removing stubborn weeds. I am getting two more for friends. It is a precise tool not made for prying.

from MA

The best weeding tool


Our garden maintenance company uses the Handy Weeder constantly. I have shared it with garden club friends who marvel at the ease with which it clears a weedy patch in minutes. A must for professional and home gardeners.

from KS

First time user


Bought one of these this year, hadn't seen this particular product before in over 40 years of gardening. Don't know how I was able to keep up with the weeds without it (I now have 2). The only drawback I see is that there doesn't appear to be a left-handed model. One of those would allow the gardener to use both hands at the same time. Very good product!!

from MI



I have already owned the same product with a longer handle and it quickly became my favorite tool for weeding. Sometimes a shorter handle suffices because I can get more leverage, which is why I ordered this one. I love them both. Anyone who does any serious gardening will not want to live without this tool again. It lifts up the weed for easy pulling and loosens the soil with ease like no other tool. It is very versatile by using either the pointy edge or the flat edge depending on what you are doing. Again, I recommend it highly.

from MO

5 in Handy Weeder


This is one of my two favorite tools. It gets me right down where the weeds are so I can see exactly what I'm taking out. it's sharp and effective. I have bought many of these weeders; I give them as gifts to my gardener friends.

from ID

All-a-round Tool of Choice


I bouught this weeder because I've relied on this particular weeder for over the past ten years. I use it both at home in my extensive gardens, and also in my landscaping work for clients. I never leave home without one, if not two, of the weeders because my gardening partner often sneaks off with my weeder! My last order was for six: three for me, and three for her.

from NY

one of my daily essentials


This tool is an essential part of my daily tool kit as a professional gardener. It's particularly handy for swaths of emerging annual weeds, but great for a variety of weeding tasks. It is not super strong, but that's why I also have my soil knife. It is nice and light weight and has held up through several gardening seasons. When I've lost it, it's inexpensive enough to replace easily.

from VA

Best Gardening Tool


I have owned one of these for over 5 years. This spring I couldn't find it and had to order another one. Found it at Gardeners Edge. It is the one tool I cannot do without in the garden. It makes weeding effortless and can be used to dig a hole for planting as well. Try it . . . you'll love it!

from CT

Our favorite weeder


This is the perfect weeding tool. It can get right in close to the stem of the plant and clear off the weeds easily without damaging the roots. We have bought them a bunch at a time, so there is always one handy. The red handle is also great for not losing them in the weeds. Great tool!

from NJ

Great tool


As a professional garden maintenance worker I needed a tool for clearing larger widespread patches of weeds. This does the trick beautifully. The pointy tip also allows for digging in addition to scraping.

from IA



I bought about 20 for my seasonal crew. All but 3 broke within the first year. This weeder may be fine for very light weeding by a homeowner, but it was not adequate for my crew at the public garden. Invest the extra $10 and buy the forged weeder also offered... it is amazing!

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