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GURUgrass™ Premium Grass Colorant

GURUgrass™ is a premium grass colorant formulated to meet all residential lawn applications for landscaping. GURUgrass is blended with patented polymer innovation that increases its performance and durability for a result that is unrivaled on the market. Maintain a fresh green lawn during dormancy. GURUgrass is also a perfect solution to keep turf green during hot, dry months.

This customized, natural green color blend is designed to match many types of grass. Desired color or shade can be achieved by number of coats applied. Recommended 15:1 mix ratio requires 8oz of colorant to 1 gallon of water. For smaller areas and spot treating, the 1 quart size mixes easily into a common 4 gallon back pack sprayer. 4 gallons of mix will cover 800-1,200 sqft. A large 40-50 gallon tank sprayer is recommended for treating larger areas. Between 2-8 gallons of the GURUgrass concentrate can be used per acre, depending on desired color or shade. Results can be achieved in 1 application, or for better results, by 2 half applications going in different directions. Each treatment typically lasts up to two months before reapplication is needed. Made in the USA!


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