GrowUP! Hydroponic Garden Kit



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Designed to grow 20 plants at once!

No need for weeding, bending, or daily watering. Hydroponic growing uses nutrient-rich water to feed the roots, promoting vigorous and rapid growth. This easy to use system can be put outdoors and inside with proper lighting. You can continue to have fresh food all year long and not worry about the weather. Enjoy fresh, vitamin rich food that has tons of flavor and nutrition. Uses 90% less water and space than traditional gardening at 4ft H x 2ft W.Kit Includes:
  • 5 stackable grow pots
  • Reinforced lid
  • 20 gallon reservoir
  • Submersible pump
  • PVC plumbing
  • 36 quarts of perlite
  • pH tester
  • 1 quart of 3-2-4 GROW Nutrients
  • 1 quart of 2-2-5 BLOOM Nutrients
  • Instructions and grow manual

Product Information


  • Overall height is 2 ft
  • Overall width at the base is 2 ft
  • Includes 5 growing pots
  • 20 gallon reservoir
  • Comes with 1 qt 2-2-5 nutrient and 1 qt 3-2-4 nutrient
  • Comes with 36 qts of perlite

Product Benefits

  • Teachers can use them as classroom projects
  • Assisted living and nursing facilities can use them for gardening projects without all the digging and weeding
  • Apartment dwellers can grow vegetables in close quarters
  • People who prefer pesticide-free foods can grow their own all year