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GrowAway™ Reusable Garden Cloches, Small

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Provide a safe, stable growing environment for vulnerable plants! 6/PKG

Defend your seeds and seedlings from wind, insects, critters and sudden drops in temperatures. GrowAway™ Garden Cloches creates a mini greenhouse like environment that protects emerging vegetation and let’s you start your plants outdoors earlier. Clear PVC construction ensures maximum light penetration and openings at the top allow for efficient air and water exchange. Place soil around the lip to keep the domes firmly in place or anchor into the soil using pins and the available holes.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 6 Cloches
  • Length- 8 inches
  • Width- 8 inches
  • Height- 9 inches
Product Features
  • Reusable domes will last for multiple growing seasons
  • Protect seeds and seedlings from critters, insects, wind and temperature drops
  • PVC construction for maximum light penetration
  • Top allows for ventilation for effective air and water exchange
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