Groundskeeper II Shrub Rake


Torsion springs do everything: rake leaves, finish grading, spread mulch, lift thatch, and much more!

The aggressive angle to which the tines are formed makes the Groundskeeper II Rake dig right in without the need for pushing down on it. This permits you to stand straight up while using the rake and makes it much easier on your back. With the pressure off your back, this rake allows you to work longer and accomplish more with less effort than you need to exert with other rakes. This feature allows you to work effectively with any number of different materials and get very effective results.

Because of the materials used to make the rake, not only is it extremely durable, it's also very lightweight. With the largest model weighing in at 2 pounds, it's far less cumbersome than most other rakes on the market today. The fiberglass handle and no break co-polymer head makes this rake almost impossible to destroy. The swivel hanger at the end of the rake makes it easy to hang on any hook out of the way when not in use.

Equipped with a 55-inch fiberglass handle. Available with a 9-inch or 21-inch head.
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