GreenWorks 80V 2Ah Battery for Cordless Snow Thrower

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Up to 45 minutes of run time!

Keep a spare battery on hand so there's no downtime while waiting for your other battery to charge. Replacement/additional battery for the GreenWorks 80V Li-Ion 20in Cordless Snow Thrower (2600402).

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Lithium Ion
  • 80 volts
  • 2 amp hour
  • 30 to 45 minute run time
Product Features
  • High capacity 2 Amp power allows for longer run time.
  • Lithium-ion technology offers fade free power throughout your entire run cycle.
  • On-board battery "fuel" indicator allows for on-demand reference of remaining power.
  • Compatible with full 80V Greenworks Pro Series. One battery for a complete system.
  • 1 hour quick charge time.
  • Compatible with charger model GCH8040 (item number GGH040).
Product Benefits
  • Quiet: Stop disturbing your customer's neighbors
  • Quick Start: Stop fighting with cold engines reluctant to start
  • No Fumes: Get rid of that 2-cycle smell
  • Safer: Stop driving around with a half-empty gas can - no 'spill when you fill'
  • No Mixing: stop taking a chance you'll grab the wrong can and ruin your engine
  • Dependable: Fewer moving parts to wear out
  • Help Your Employees: Lighter to use than traditional gas powered equipment
  • Save Money: no spark plug, no fuel filter, no tune-ups, no winterizing
  • Better Than Ni-Cad:
    • Lithium-ion batteries run at 100% power until they stop
    • Up to 50% lighter than Ni-Cad
    • Can be charged up to 3 times more often than a Ni-Cad
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