Green Tuff Tarp, 4.5oz Polyethylene with Grommets, 8ft x 10ft



Item # PT810
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The tough, all-purpose utility cover. 4.5oz./10x10 polyethylene construction for toughness, tear-resistant, and dependability. Brass plated steel grommets every 3ft. with rope sewn into hem. Heavy 9-10 mil thickness. Used for truck or ground cover and weather protection. Forest green in color.The measurements listed are cut sizes. The finished sizes of these tarps are 3 to 5% smaller than the listed sizes.

Product Information


Fabricated from a rugged 10 x 10 woven polyethylene fabric, laminated with polyethylene film, brass plated steel grommets every three feet, rope sewn into hem around entire perimeter, 4.5oz., 9-10 mil thickness, forest green, 8ft. x 10ft.

Product Features

Manufacturer says these have a UV additive, increasing the life expectancy to 1.5 - 2 years.


Manufacturer supplies a warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

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Q. What does 10x10 polyethylene construction mean? A. It's the number of reinforcement threads run in both the horizontal and vertical directions per square inch.