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Graft like the pros!

Makes uniform cuts for faster, more consistent grafts.Includes three blades: omega cut and "V" cut blades, plus a flat rectangular blade for budding. Complete with instructions.

Product Information


  • 8" long
  • Grafter can make a cut through 1/4" to 1/2" plant material using the rounded "V" blade or Omega blade
  • Heavy duty poly and steel construction
  • Squeeze-grip operation
  • Made in Italy

Product Features

  • Includes "omega" and "rounded V" blades for grafting, and a flat rectangular blade for budding. Also includes a small and large white anvil. The larger anvil is used in conjunction with the flat rectangular blade "T" for budding.


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QUESTION: What is an Omega cut? ANSWER: An Omega cut looks like a horseshoe or jigsaw puzzle cut. (see "Blade Shapes" link below for a picture). QUESTION: What is a "Rounded V" cut? ANSWER: It is a "V" cut, but gently rounded at the bottom of the cut (see "Blade Shapes" link below for a picture).

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from TX

Grafting Tool Review


I have wanted to graft pecan trees to get a pecan tree to produce papershelled pecans. I purchased the tool and was amazed about how easy the tool is to use. I do not have the full use of my hands to make the types of grafts needed. The tool works great and is fool proof. I have also used the tool to graft citrus trees. The tools ease of use makes grafting fun and easy.

from ND



The tool is good but the blades are of marginal quality. I wish there were better blades available.

from VA

Grafting tool for apples


I am having a little problem with the tool cutting through the scionwood and rootstock. I finally turned the plastic plate upside down and it would cut better. The blade does not appear to be hitting the plate enough to make the cut complete. Once I get the cut I find it to be a very useful tool. Makes grafting apples much easier.

from SC

Hand Grafting Tool-GT3


We are commercial rose growers and have used this tool cutting pencil sized rose stock for grafting. The cuts, especially the "V" cut, has met our expectations and this tool works wonderful. It makes grafting cuts quick and clean. I am well pleased with this tool and feel sure anyone who carefully watches what they are doing will have good results also.

from CA

Recently ordered


I recently ordered and received the very excellent grafting tool. I have used it already to graft avocado and persimmon. Unfortunately, I was unaware of this tool's existence until after I had already done the majority of grafting for the season for which I used more traditional methods. Although my success with these older methods has been reasonably good, I am sure that it will even better and so much faster. I was amazed at how quickly I could create such a tight fitting positive union with just a little practice. I don't know why this tool is not better known, but I am certainly sharing my newly found discovery with other fruit tree growers. It is a very well made tool and it will see much usage in years to come!

from AR

Grafting tool


The trick of making a graft is to have a perfect union of the two, it should look as one. I get clean cuts on both the V cut and Omega cut which to me makes a stronger union. The budding blade will get a workout this year. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to graft.




This tool is an exelent toll for hobby gardeners as well as frofessionals.Am satisfied with the result. I live in Iceland and have been experimenting with applegrowing since 1994 and the result has been good.

from TX

The Texas Forestry Service


The Texas Forestry Service receved one and the blades are not lineing up right. Thay have had it for less than 1 week

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