Glow in the Dark 10in Ocean Mist Illuminarie Gazing Globe



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Let your garden shine through the night.

This colorful, hand-blown glass globe has luminescent crystals embedded inside to absorb light energy from any light source and emit a soothing green glow for hours after dusk! The glow will last up to 4 hours and can be recharged by the sunlight or an interior light source such as flourescent, incandescent or ultraviolet light. 10in diameter x 11.5in tall. Stand sold separately (EVLPGS).

Product Information


  • Globe dimensions are 10in W x 11.5in H

Product Features

  • Stand not included, can be mounted on the EVLPGS

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  • QUESTION: How do I get the best results from my globe?
  • ANSWER: To verify that the glow crystals found in your Illuminaries product absorb light energy and glow properly please place the product under a fluorescent or incandescent light source for 5 - 10 minutes. If it is sunny, then skip putting it under a light source and proceed with taking it into a dark room. Next, take the product inside a pitch-black area (preferably a windowless room). If there is no detectable glow then the product is defective and should be returned to the place of purchase and exchanged/replaced if still under warranty. If it glows it is working properly and the solution is to relocate the product to an area where it will receive full sunlight and is extremely dark at night.

    Echo Valley Illuminaries are not to be mistaken for solar landscape or accent lights. They rely exclusively on "passive" solar energy, i.e. the sun or incandescent light to charge them and do not have a secondary power and or energy source to keep them glowing brightly and continuously at night.

    Where you position or locate your Illuminaries product in the yard directly affects how long and brightly it glows after dusk. Illuminaries should be placed in an area that receives full sun during the day and if possible, the late afternoon sun for maximum exposure. Any afternoon shade will cause the Illuminarie to begin glowing and all energy will be spent by evening. This location should also be an area away from any potential source(s) of light interference, such as porch lights, street lights, landscape lights, interior house lights, etc. to achieve maximum visual clarity. Moonlight will also diminish the amount of glow one can see, so it is equally important to have it situated in an area that is completely dark in the evening.