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Sectional Hydroponic Microgreens Starter Kit

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Anyone Can Grow a Variety of Fresh Microgreens with this Convenient, Easy to Use Kit

If you have been wanting to give growing microgreens a try, this sectional kit offers an easy way to get started. It includes everything you need: soil-free growing medium for cleaner greens, trays, premeasured seed packs, pH testing kit, spray bottle, and it is reusable. Designed with 8 individual trays that nest inside a single 10" x 20" tray, it allows you to grow up to 8 different crops simultaneously, or plant in succession so you can harvest continuously. It's the perfect kit for those looking for smaller quantities and wider variety.

Kit includes:

  • 2 - 20" x10" Drip Trays - These reusable trays double as both the drip tray and a blackout humidity dome. They nest up to eight 5" x 5" insert trays.
  • 16 - 5" x 5" Insert Trays - These trays are sturdy and can be reused over and over.
  • 16 - Hydroponic Grow Pads - Provide clean soil-free growing of microgreens. They expand to fit the base of the 5" x 5" tray inserts perfectly. Extra grow pads are available.
  • 1 - pH Test Strip Kit - Microgreens are sensitive to the pH of your water. This pH Test Kit will easily walk you through the process of testing the pH of your water and how to adjust it (if necessary) using household vinegar or baking soda
  • 1 - Spray Bottle - A great tool for keeping your microgreens misted and moist.
  • 16 - Pre-measured Packs of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Seeds: 3 Sunflower, 3 Green Pea Shoots, 3 Salad Mix, 3 Mustard, 2 Radish, and 2 Arugula. Enough seeds to plant the kit two times.
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