Gardener's Hollow Leg®, Celery Green



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Hands-free waste collection lets you use both hands to climb ladders, prune branches, or harvest fruit.

The Gardener's Hollow Leg is a fabric sack attached to a belt that is worn while you are working in and around the garden. It is ideal for light pruning, deadheading, weeding, clearing gutters and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Attach a pruning holster to the belt and your hands will always be free. Plus, it has a handy pocket to keep your cellphone clean, or hold your pruning saw. Its hands-free, "go with you" design means you will get more done safer.
  • Less steps carrying a bucket or debris to the trash.
  • No piles of debris to clean up later.
  • Your hands are free for pruning or to safely climb a ladder.

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