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Garden Marker Seed Saving Kit

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Whether you are a vegetable or flower grower, you'll love this handy kit that makes seed collecting easy.

Collecting and saving seeds has long been a gardener's tradition. This attractive, reusable, aluminum case contains: 8 airtight glass-topped tins with labels, seed desiccant, seed collection bags with twine, stakes for marking collection plants, glassine envelopes with labels for seed trading, pencil, and detailed booklet on seed collecting. When you carefully collect, plant, tend, and harvest seeds, you are creating a legacy. When you share with other gardeners, you might just be creating a friend.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Includes: Eight airtight glass-topped tins with labels Seed desiccant Seed collection bags with twine Stakes for marking collection plants Glassine envelopes with labels for seed trading Pencil Detailed booklet on seed collecting
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • QUESTION: What is "seed desiccant"? ANSWER: It is a small crystalized substance that draws moisture, protecting your seeds from wetness
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