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In olden times, these hods were used for carrying everything from bricks to laundry! Styled after a traditional clam hod, this version is built to last from quality hard and soft woods and durable vinyl-covered mesh.

Harvest and wash plants, fruits and vegetables (especially carrots and potatoes!), or discover one of the hundreds of other uses that the hod lends itself to inside and out any time of the year. Constructed with 3/4-inch thick pine sides and birch side rods, it also has a sturdy, food grade PVC-coated wire body, and a steam bent handle for a handsome look.

Holds 15 quarts, (.45 bushel) and measures 19-1/4"L x 11"W x 7-1/4"H. Carry, store, or display just about anything you can think of! This is especially good for rinsing bulbs and perennial roots you dug up to divide!

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Constructed of 3/4" pine end pieces with food grade PVC coated wire body. Birch side rods and a steam bent handle complete the unique, handsome look. The Hod holds 15 quarts, (.45 bushel) and measures 19 1/4" long by 11" wide, 7 1/4" deep to carry, store, or display just about anything you can think of. The 11" handle has a 9" clearance.


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from PA

exactly what I needed!


I bought this to use at harvest. love that I can spray the vegetables with a hose to remove the dirt before it is brought into the house. Looking forward to using this hod outside but, over the winter, we use it to carry bunches of little stuff up and down the stairs.

from MA

good for librarians too!


I love, love this Hod, and I hate gardening! I am the Director of a library, and use it going back and forth every day to work/home. Books, paperwork, lunch, a sweater, water bottle, more books, etc. I've given one to a fellow library director and she uses hers every single day too. It looks good at home and in my office and you can see and find everything (as opposed to a deep canvas bag). A garden of words.

from OH

Traditional hod is well-made, useful, and attractive.


I love the idea of well-made American products that are useful and practical. Not only is it very useful, it is nice to look at and is a great addition to my garden tools.

from CO

The Garden Hod


A dear friend introduced me to the Garden Hod. She owns a large and a small Hod. She finds them indispensable. I agree! The Garden Hod is super for carrying garden tools, cut flowers, veggies, etc. Beautifully made and very sturdy. Wish you sold the smaller Garden Hod also.

from NH

The handle gets in the way a bit, but overall a wonderful product


I have had both the large and small size of the garden hod, and use them both extensively. If there is one thing that is annoying, it is that the handle gets in the way of putting things into the hod. I would re-design it with an "L" shaped handle, or one that runs parallel to the ends (splits the basket in half) so that you can get squashes and other larger items into the basket easier.

from IL

Fabulously Functional Product!


I bought this as a gift for my father, an avid summer vegetable gardener. It is very well constructed and works amazingly well. I was a little worried it might not hold as much as the advertising photos indicate, but was pleasantly suprised with the actual size once I got it out of the box. A perfect gift and one I know will actually be put to use!

from NY

What is as Garden Hod


My garden hod is a versatile sidekick that is always around when I work in my vegetable garden. I put hand tools in it when I go out in the morning so that they don't get misplaced, and it gradulally accumulates other things throughout the day -- weeds in one end, fresh produce in the other, bulbs, packages of Soilmoist, pens and garden markers. At the end of the day, once the weeds are deposited on the compost pile and the tools in their bin, I give it a shake and a rinse outside before bringing my harvest inside. I have even used it to strain compost. It's very sturdy and stands up to abuse. According to the dictionary, the "hod" dates from the 13th century, and began as a basket you carried on the back. Not too hard to understand why this useful item has been around for so long.

from IL

Hod de Doh


I always liked the look of the Hod while perusing your catalogs; finally decided to buy one this year. I love the design and feel of the curved, wood handle, and the size is perfect. We grow a lot of tomatoes and peppers and it's large enough that our daily harvests didn't take two trips. A well made, classy garden tool.

from MA

The Greatest Garden Gatherer Ever


We love this garden gathering basket. It is perfect for the veggie garden AND the flower garden. Great size, great shape, holds a lot without crushing anything, handsome looking...PERFECT! Thank you!

from MI

Garden Hod


Started growing veggies 2 years ago... now it's a big production in our yard. My favorite thing about the Garden Hod is that when full of freshly picked vegetables, you can hose them down while outside. No more dirt or plant parts in the kitchen sink. The veggies come into the house cleaned off and ready to cook!

from NE

Wanted one forever


If you've been carrying your vegetables and flowers in buckets and wishing you had a nice garden hod instead, you have to have this garden hod. I wanted one for the longest time and kept putting it off and this one is the best of the best. Incredibly well made, I love the coated wire that allows me to rinse the vegetables before I bring them into the house. There is absolutely no way this wonderful hod will ever fall apart. And this winter it sits on a shelf in my kitchen with my garden gloves, still looking as nice as the day I bought it and waiting patiently for Spring!

from CO

Most impressive quality!


I purchased two of these Maine Garden Hods and could not be happier with them. They are not only of impressive quality but are attractive enough to serve indoor use. Strong and well assembled, these are built to hold up to heavy harvest loads. An exceptional value for the price.

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