New! Garden and Barn Smart Cart, 7 cu ft, Green

Lightweight, heavy duty, easy to manuver, and easy to clean!

Smart Carts are made in the USA using industrial strength materials, making them the finest quality product of their kind. Tubular framework is aircraft-quality aluminum alloy for good looks and maximum weather resistance. Patented snap-in and out green polyethylene tub with UV inhibitors is leak-proof with no bolt holes to rupture, crack or tear.

Size 28" x 32" x 56", tub capacity 7 cu. ft. 5 Year warranty on tub. Carries loads up to 600 lbs. (400 lbs. for 20-in wheel model). Black versions available too, search 37BBT.

Item # Brand Depth Weight Capacity Ship Wt Wheel Type Stock Status Price Qty
37GBT Gk Salvador LLC 45 0 600 lb Capacity 44 lb 16" Turf Wheels Available
37GB Gk Salvador LLC 0 45 400 lb Capacity 44 lb 20" Spoke Wheels Available
37GBT-FF Gk Salvador LLC 45 0 600 lb Capacity 44 lb 16" Flat Free Turf Wheels Available
37GB-FF Gk Salvador LLC 45 0 400 lb Capacity 44 lb 20" Flat Free Spoke Wheels Available

Product Information


  • Capacity: 7 cu.ft.
  • Height Overall 28"
  • Length Overall 56"
  • Max. Width 32"
  • Weight 35lbs
  • Wheel size 16" dia. x 4" tread width or 20" dia. x 2" tread width.
  • Maximum Load 600 lbs with 16" wheels. 400 lbs with 20" wheels

Product Features

  • Load capacity up to 600 pounds (wheel choice determines load).
  • Patented snap-out pans in 2 sizes: 7 and 12 cubic foot sizes, and are interchangeable & replaceable. Buy one frame and if you like have 2 sized pans. The pan snaps easily in and out of the carriage, and is often used by itself as a handy tub or container. Popular uses for the pan include baby pool, washing the dog, holding ice or water, feeding livestock, and covering firewood and shrubs.
  • Pans have a five year warranty! Best warranty in the business.
  • Perfectly balanced design: back saving, safe, easy 2-wheeled design helps ease movement and promotes well balanced load. The center of gravity of the load is directly over the wheels and axle where it belongs. Single wheel carts merely "share" the load with the user and loads do not balance well.
  • Finest weatherproof materials:
    • Pans : seamless high-density, polyethylene. Are leakproof, with no bolt holes to rupture, crack or tear. Ultraviolet ray inhibitor added. Is unaffected by water, strong sunlight, barn acids or fertilizer.
    • Tubular Framework: aircraft-quality drawn aluminum alloy, satin-etched and anodized. strongest undercarriage in the industry. Frame is exactly the same on all models and therefore the standard pan of 7 cubic feet (200 litres) capacity and the extra-large pan of 12 cubic feet (340 litres) are interchangeable. Lightweight and extremely strong, it will never rust or rot.
  • Ergonomic upright stance. Rake into it, roll rocks into it, flip bags of mulch right in. Save your back!
  • Pans have closed ends no spills! This wheelbarrow design holds more volume for the tray size than other designs.
  • Light weight 40-44 pounds. You can separate the frame and pan and lift easily.
  • Wheels in 2 sizes, replaceable and interchangeable for your needs.
  • Wheels:
    • 20" heavy-duty spoke wheels with ball bearings, pneumatic tires roll smoothly over rough ground.
    • Wide-tread 16" diameter turf wheels for maximum flotation in deep snow or mud.
  • Note: for those of you in the horse industry, you will know that the smart cart wheelbarrow is also known as the Muller's Smart Cart.


Pans have a five year warranty.

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