Full Rotation Free-Standing Hose Swivel Reel, Anti-Rust Steel



Item # SR360
Ship Weight 17.80 lbs
Stock Status In Stock

Rotates a full 360 degrees to cover over 3 acres!

The unique patented swiveling turret design can rotate 360 degrees and hold up to 200-feet of 5/8-inch hose, making it capable of delivering water anywhere within a total coverage area of over 3 acres! Great design with plenty of capacity, and built for heavy duty use. All steel with anti-rust finish. Use your own leader hose, or buy our HSE10.
  • To install, center the post mount receiver in hole at least 8 inches deep and add quick setting concrete. Allow to harden according to manufacturer instructions.

Product Information


  • Ship wt 18 lb
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Holds up to 200' of 5/8" hose
  • Coverage area of over 3 acres
  • Hose reel is 18" x 8"
  • Total height 61"
  • Post goes 11-1/2" in the ground

Product Features

  • All steel construction (crank handle does have a vinyl cover, though).
  • To install, center the Post Mount Receiver in hole at least 8" deep and add quick setting concrete. Allow to harden according to instructions.
  • NOTE: the instructions may show a shut-off valve on the Mid Section Post. According to the manufacturer those were old pictures; they do not come with a shut off valve.


Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Guarantee

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from UT

This Is A Miracle!


Finally, a hose reel that actually works and is easy to use. Easy to reel out, easy to reel in, no kinks, keeps the hose up off the ground and out of the way. We were skeptical. We've been burned by useless hose reels before that didn't work, but this is it. We highly recommend this product!

from SC

Rusty mess


Was so excited about the idea of this reel. I bought 2 for my backyard and one for the front. After 2-3 months of use they simply started falling apart. Anything that can rust will! The swivel head teeth will be the first to go. I called to see if I could even get replacements but no. Warranty doesn't cover rust... On a water hose...

from WA

Free Standing Hose Swivel


I love this hose reel as it has saved me quite a lot of time and energy. We have a large yard and it was time consuming to drag a hose around it. The worst part was reeling it up. This makes it a snap.

from MI

Love this!


The box arrived very damaged, but the product was still in good shape. We cemented it into the ground so that it would not topple over from the weight. We bought it last year and have not had any trouble with it. The only complaint I have is where the hose attaches. It is very difficult to remove your leader hose. Seems there needs to be a quick disconnect piece there. Ours isn't leaking (yet) like the other comments.

from MN

What a great watering device


I bought 2 of these. Boxes came damaged, but when we put them together and in cement they are wonderful. I have 150 ft of hose on one and 200 on the other. I love these. Makes watering so much easier than the other hose cart type. Turns 360 degrees with ease. Perfect for big garden areas.

from NC



Very much like the product. Easy to rewind lots of hose. No trouble with installation.

from IL

Free-Standing Swivel Hose Reel


Unfortunately this reel is not the answer to my needs. It is difficult to reel the hose back in after use because the handle on one side creates a lopsided effort resulting in the need to hand feed the entire hose back up onto the reel.

from TX

Always leaks


I purchased two, and the concept is great. Gives wider reach in watering but the fittings to attach hose to post always leak like crazy, no matter what I do. Though I bought two within a few weeks of each, this fitting is different on each with one having a shutoff lever on the attachment, and the other not. But both leak badly.

from MA

It makes the job EASIER


We both love this swivel reel. The ease of operating it is soooo great! The reel works effortlessly and makes the job fun of getting the hose back in place on the spool. My husband put it in and only thought it should have went deeper into the ground. We love it and may get another for the other side of the house. Everyone should consider this one, no hardware into the side of the house and nothing sitting on the ground that is heavy and has to be moved to reload or lifted. I was a little disappointed in the condition it came in, the box was damaged and a part was missing. But all was taken care of to our complete satisfaction with one phone call.

from CA

Best solution for hose management


I have searched for years for a hose reel that looks nice and is easy to use. This is the first I've found. I'm going to buy a few more to manage the other hoses around the yard.

from TX

Hose Reel


Box came totally trashed. have not put completelyy together yet. was not ready to dig hole and fool with cement. one screw socket into post that goes into the ground is stripped and screw will have to be forced into hole. wanted something that would hold hose and be easy to reel up and out. hoped it would be easy to accomplsih, it is not.

from OR

Very pleased!


We just finished a major landscaping project and I did not want the hose to lay in the grass all year. Previously had a plastic reel BUT it was too light and not grounded to any kind of support and would flop all over the place. I was looking for a sturdy, in-the-ground reel that could handle a 100 feet of hose. Well, we found one! It is mounted in quick set concrete at the front of the house and because of the swivel we can pull out the hose any direction and then reel it back in. Even our landscaper noticed it and was impressed by its sturdiness and the swivel feature. Very pleased!

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