Floating Row Cover

Great protection from frost and garden pests!

An increased harvest, sooner! The original floating row cover, made from spunbonded polyester. Holds in warmth to provide early and increased yields, great for pest control and to extend your harvest into the chilly fall weather.

No wire support hoops necessary. So light it can be placed directly on the plants without damaging them. Rugged breathable material allows light and water through and won't overheat plants like plastics can. Will not rot, shrink, or sag.

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  • Made from spunbonded polyester, holds in heat while allowing light and water through
  • Offers 3 to 4 temperature degrees of protection
  • No wire supports necessary
  • .6oz/sq.yard
  • 85% light transmission

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from IA

Strawberry saver


This ground cover fabric is essential to growing strawberries in northern Iowa. I have purchased the product from other distributors, too. It used to come with staples to push into the ground. This time I used rocks, some used staples & sticks to stabilize it around my strawberry pyramid. It doesn't damage the plants. It protects from wind, those early spring thaws & brutal temperature changes.

from NJ

Plant Savers


2013 was the first time we used row covers. We covered our summer and winter squashes in the spring. The plants had a strong start and we didn't have squash borers. The best yield ever. We used them again this fall to protect our fall beet crop. Another impressive yield. We will definitely use them again.

from PA

Floating row covers


The floating row cover worked great for protecting my strawberries from the birds. As soon as I could see green I uncovered the plants and recovered them with the row cover.This allowed them to grow faster earlier and to blossom sooner.This is the first berry crop I have been able to get because of the birds and rodents.

from AZ

Floating Row Covers


I really like the floating Row Covers. My strawberries got a jump start here in the mountains where I live. My first crop was in May! We still had frost on the ground. My husband just grew grass for the first time using the Floating Row covers and had grass grow for the first time ever.

from IA

Floating row cover


First time user - I'm pretty happy with the cover as it has so far saved our greens from the critters. It is a bit light weight and is getting tears although we've only used it since spring. I don't want to buy it every year so would like it to be a bit sturdier. The bamboo hoops are great.

from CT

First time user


I was told by a friend to use a floating cover to help with early planting and she was absolutley right. It did help keep the birds and insects away from the seeds. It was easy to use and one person can place the cover where needed as long as it is not to breezy otherwise it can be challenging to put on by yourself. I did not use any supports, which were not needed, what I did need were landscaping pins these are needed. Even though I did not use or need the supports it would have been easier to see if the plants were growing without having to lift a section of the cloth and then repin it. Wasn't difficult but again when it was breezy it could be a challenge to repin. All in all I was very pleased and now that I know what to do next year will be a whole lot easier and I will use the floating cover again.

from DC

Kept the birds out and shaded transplants


I use this to cover rows of green beans and the like while the plants are still on the small side and still tempting to the birds. I also like to use it to create shade for plants of any size that I have just transplanted. I like the fact that it is reusable.

from CA

floating row covers


It's light and airy. Very good for early starts. It would be nice to have some sort of staking system included. I used them to cover raised vegatable beds. I had to drop 2 x 4's on the edges to prevent it from blowing away.

from VA

Floating Row Cover


We tried the floating row cover this year after several failures with our lettuce crop. In the past, we have had our various types of lettuce beaten down by Spring rains, and generally trashed by the elements. This year, with the cover, the crop was protected from the pounding rain and produced a bountiful harvest of salads, wraps, and garnishes. We are generally pleased with this first success.

from WA

Row covers


Due to changes in weather, home gardening is getting more difficult. We thought we'd give these floating row covers and try and we were happy we did and plan to use them for our seeds and starts each future year. We used them with the bamboo rings. The only problem I ran into was how to keep them attached to the bamboo. We used one end of the bamboo to stick the fabric into the ground to secure it. Then we used clothes pins to hold it down on the other side. This worked well for covering and uncovering since we have random rainy/hot days here in the Northwest. Ground stakes work well too! If you do not have a drip line system it does prove a little difficult to water the plants underneath. Sometimes the plants seemed well hydrated and other times they were dry. The fabric seems waterproof but when covered on a warm day the do sweet to keep the plants warm. I'm new at this part of gardening so I may not understand how it works. Overall, we love that we can protect our plants from the constant rain...

from MI

Didn't work like I thought it would


The material needs to be thin to let the water through. However, after only two days, there were holes worn through near the bamboo support hoops.

from MA

Early Pumpkins


We grew pumpkins from seed and, as an experiment, decided to set the plants out several weeks early. We covered them with the row cover over bamboo hoops and they stayed there for 3 or 4 weeks while the weather settled down & got warmer. Took the cover off last weekend and not only did all the plants survive, they are growing and spreading fast. Pumpkins take a long time and we got a month's jump on the season. Next fall we intend to try row covers on greens and other veggies for a longer season.

from FL



The 24'x 100' is two 12' sewn together with plastic thread. It can be used for more than 1 year. It will not cause frost burn like plastic sheeting does.

from TX

Saved my plants!


I was in a panic trying to find something to cover my plants for the unusual and long lasting freeze we had in Houston. I have a large landscaped yard and needed to cover large areas. Frost blankets were sold out at all of the local stores. This was the only place that could express ship me the quantity and size I needed. It arrived in the nick of time and saved my plants. The frost blanket stayed on for 3 days before the freeze lifted. I will definitely be better prepared next time and have some stored in my garage.

from FL



I have never been so pleased in my life with the help I received today on my order! I was in a jam and needed a product, like yesterday. M. took my call and was beyond helpful. I will forever use [you] for what ever I can!

from WV

Super covers


These work great on the plants directly, over raised beds or frames. Strong and protective like intended. Good price too. great value

from SC

Wow...what a difference the frost blanket makes!


We ordered the 6' x 250' roll of heavy weight frost blanket. Normally everything dies out in our garden in December. So far we are still able to have turnips, mustard, onions,and garlic even though we had night time temperatures as low as 13 for several nights in December, as well as 2 ice storms and 3 inches of snow. The fabric is really tough and yet still allows light and rain through. Great product.

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