FITT Flow Expandable Garden hose, 3-in-1 System



Item # FF59097N
Ship Weight 4.50 lbs
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The ultimate hose for outdoor living spaces!

The FITT Flow Expandable Garden Hose has a unique 6-layer design. This 1/2-in diameter hose is 30 feet long but expands to 50 feet during use. This hose features a durable TPE construction with a rubberized coating. FITT outfits it with aluminum threads and a nylon compression retainer. The included multi-function nozzle has settings for shower, mist, flat, and jet spray. You control the output using a rubberized thumb control. Each hose also includes a functional yet stylish storage bag. This bag has side and bottom vents to drain/dry and is resistant to mold and mildew.

The FITT Flow Expandable Garden hose offers a complete 3-in-1 watering system and is drinking water safe. This compact hose is perfect for outdoor living spaces including porches, patios, and gardens. The flexible TPE material resists kinking and twisting to keep the water flowing. Its non-slip rubber coating provides a secure grip during use. The convenient storage bag provides enough space for the hose and accessories!

The FITT Flow Hose is the ultimate expanding hose for outdoor living spaces. This hose is 60 percent lighter than traditional hoses at nearly half the length. Despite its compact size and light weight, this hose is extremely durable. The metal threading resists corrosion and is virtually leakproof. FITT covers this product with a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Information


  • Hose material: TPE
  • Hose diameter (inches): 1/2
  • Default hose length (feet): 30
  • Expanded hose length (feet): 50+
  • Hose weight (pounds): 4.8
  • Thread material: Aluminum

Product Features

  • Expanding garden hose
  • Innovative 6-layer technology
  • Aluminum threads
  • Multi-function nozzle
  • Rubberized thumb control
  • Convenient storage bag
  • Drinking water safe

Product Benefits

  • Innovative 6-layer technology makes this hose 60% lighter than traditional garden hoses
  • The ultimate expandable hose for outdoor living spaces like porches, patios, and gardens
  • Aluminum threads resist corrosion and allow for a leak-proof connection
  • Multi-function nozzle has settings for shower, mist, flat, and jet spray
  • Rubberized thumb control allows for comfortable and non-slip grip with wet hands
  • Storage bag resists mold and has vents for easy draining and drying


The manufacturer covers this product with a limited lifetime warranty.