Fiskars Compact Extendable Pole Saw, Extends from 3ft to 8ft



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Portable Pruning Pole Saw Extends Your Pruning Range Up to Eight Feet

Fiskars Compact Extendable Tree Saw's small storage size makes it easy to carry and store, yet gives you up to 8 feet of additional reach when fully extended. POWER TOOTH triple-ground blade makes aggressive cuts to help you get through dense wood rapidly, and the fully hardened steel blade holds its edge. Its steel pole delivers strength and lasting durability.

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  • Ideal for sawing high branches without climbing a ladder
  • Extends to cut and collapses for easy transportation and convenient storage
  • POWER TOOTH®: aggressive triple-ground blade powers through wood faster
  • Precision-ground fully hardened steel blade holds its edge
  • Steel construction provides lasting durability
  • Length: Extends from 3ft to 8ft
  • Lifetime warranty

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