Felco Model 2 Hand Pruners, 1-inch Cutting Capacity



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The classic that professionals have relied upon for over 40 years!

Without a doubt, our best hand shear, at the best price anywhere! This is the original Felco design, and has remained unchanged for over forty years. This model, like all other Felco products, continues the tradition of workmanship. Replaceable precision ground forged cutting blade, with sap groove and soft wire cutter. Tough, easy grip forged alloy handles, rubber shock absorbers. Locking mechanism on pivot bolt. 8.5-inch overall length; weight of 8.8 oz.

Product Information


  • Solid-forged metal alloy handles
  • Rubber cushion shock absorber
  • Locking mechanism
  • Sap groove
  • Wire cutter
  • Overall weight 8.8 oz.
  • Cutting capacity is approximately 1 in.

Product Features

  • Locking mechanism on pivot bolt assembly keeps it precise over time.
  • The sap groove consists of a raised edge on the hook blade which allows the run off of sap, keeping the shear cutting smoothly.
  • Replacement parts on this pruner make it a lifetime tool.

Product Benefits

  • It is a well made pruner that will last a lifetime, eliminating the need to buy a lot of replacement shears over the years
  • It is easy to find replacement parts for Felcos

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QUESTION: Can the shear be sent in for repair? ANSWER: Felco does have a repair facility which is mostly used for their more expensive power products. The standard hand pruners could be sent in for repair but by the time shipping, parts, and labor are added it is usually not cost effective. We sell replacement parts which are easy to replace.

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Overall Rating: 5/5

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from IA

Good quality.


Works well for older, weaker hands.

from AR



Both Felco and A.M. Leonard have lived -up to their venerable reputation. High quality and unsurpassed service.

from WA

Repeat customer


Wore out old pair of Felco pruners and had to buy new ones.

from PA

Super sharp


Well made, precise fit and easy to clean and sharpen.

from WA

Great tool


Great tool

from OR

Felco® Model 2 Hand Pruner


High quality, very sharp

from TX



consider it the best available

from IN

The pruner of choice


This is a replacement gift for my twin sister who is a professional ornamental horticulturist. She swears by your pruners and will only take yours as a replacement.

from CO

Felco #2 pruners


These pruners are the best. After over 25 years I still have my first pair (with some new blades, springs and such). I buy them for friends, relative and my workers.

from IL

Felco #2 hand pruners


Old reliable, still the best.

from CT

Ready for pruning


Purchased the Felco #2 pruning shears with the leonard dual molded sheath and Silky 8.3" folding saw. The shears and folding saw fit perfectly in the sheath and the are readily at hand. Tired of the cheap big box shears so I decided to splurge this year. What a difference good tools make.

from WA

love these pruners


They work well, do a fantastic job, easy on my hands (arthritis in my fingers), would not have any other. Am an avid gardener specialty is growing roses.

from CT

The best, and you'll have them forever


Excellent design, and especially love that it's possible to buy repair parts. I've had mine for more than 12 years, and have replaced the blade a couple of times. Never needed to replace spring, etc, but glad to know I can if needed. I'm an avid home gardener and also do volunteer maintenance for a couple of city gardens, and this pruner is always in its sheath hooked on my jeans pocket.

from IN

Best on the market


In my opinion, these are the absolute BEST pruners on the market!

from MO

ccc: the best


If you prune for a living, they are the best!

from NC

FEL 2 pruner


One of the best pruners made. Durable, easy to use, well made. I have had the same pruner for fifteen years.

from FL

Felco 2 versus ARS VS8Z


Felco 2 is the standard. We have recently tried the ARS VS8Z. We find that the ARS unit requires less effort to cut exactly the same size of material. The Felco 2 however is far easier to adjust and repair that the ARS.

from KY

Best pruners!


I began using Felco pruners as a co-op at Walt Disney World. Almost 20 years later I still use Felco pruners because they are truly the best.

from RI

Felco 2 pruner


These are probably the best pruners made. They fit your hand perfectly and are very durable. I recomend these to everyone.

from CA

Great pruners for a senior woman!


The Felco 2 pruners fit my hand perfectly and easily cut without much effort or muscle on my part. I bought more as holiday presents and they are extremely pleased with them too.

from NY

2 FEL Review


Good, no nonsense, incredibly reliable pruner. I buy these for our staff because everything is replaceable on them, they are very durable, and they are timeless. I have, for these reasons, not come up with any reason to change or try anything else!

from NY

Fine piece of Engineering


We take care of hundreds of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs each year and I have been using the Felco #2 pruner and have never been disappointed with the cut or had fatigue from over use.

from GA

Felco Pruners #2 are bypass pruners of choice


Lost my old pair, bought a new pair. Couldn't find them locally (!) so bought them from [you] of course.

from VA

FEL # 2


The Felco 2 is what I always buy for our crew and volunteers. The others just do not compare. Some of my lady volunteers prefer the Felco 6 or 12, but we always start with the # 2!

from TN

The Number 2


The best pruners ever!

from CA

Best pruner


I've been gardening for many years and this is the best pruner I've used. It is well worth the price!

from VA

Felco 2 Pruner


The only hand pruner we will buy!

from NY

Great Pruner


These pruners are fantastic, and always there when I need them. Every one of our supervisors carry them because they are such a valuable tool. They are almost indestructible, also, and if something does break, they are so fast and easy to repair.

from MO

felco no. 2 pruners


After 28 years of pruning more than 250 fruit trees annually, Felco no. 2 pruners are the best hand pruners we have ever used. They allow precise cuts in tight spots between limbs and remain blades remain sharp after many hours of pruning. Although these pruning shears may seem a bit expensive, they will last forever. Almost all the parts are replacable, however, we have never had to do this as these pruners are durable. The red handles are a real plus, as you can always find them if they are misplaced. These pruners are comfortable for any hand size and do not cause blisters. After using several different hand pruners, Felco no. 2's are the only pruners I order.

from MD

Felco locking mechanism


The Felco pruners are quite good, but the locking mechanism breaks down quickly, and cannot be fixed. I have five Felcos with this same problem. The locking mechanism is so loose that with every cut, you have to unlock the lock to make the next cut. Not helpful! I cannot get the screw to back out to replace this mechanism, and I cannot tighten down on the screw to make the mechanism tighter. It flops back to the lock after every cut. The only way I have been able to use the pruners is to turn them upside down so that the locking does not work(gravity is your friend). There seems to be no fix to this. I am a landscaper and use my pruners constantly, but am on the search for new pruners because of this persistent problem. Felco is a good name, but where, exactly, do you go for repairs?? Hmmm.

Gardeners Edge replies: We offer the repair parts for Felcos. There is a small bowl-shaped washer under the latch that keeps tension on the thumb latch, until it's worn out.

from VA



I started out using Felco 2's and every time I have tried another brand or style, I have been dissappointed. They are the standard to which all other pruners are compared.

from FL

Great tool!


The felco pruners are the best. The cut is clear and neat, not tear the bark.

from MO

the best pruner


We have tried many brands over the years and this is always the best, longest, toughest pruner available.

from MN

great pruner


I bought this pruner last summer and absolutely love it. It is far superior to any of the other pruners I have ever owned. All one needs to do some great gardening is this pruner and the A.M. Leonard soil knife.

from TX

durable and excellant cutting


Likes: fits in my hands ( small hands ), clean cuts and easy to maintain, inclusive of decomposing, and replacing parts. Dislikes: everyone wants to borrow them! Bought them because I'm very active in landscaping and required sharp pruners for my small hands.

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