Featherweight 60-Foot Contractor Hose



Item # FWCH-60
Ship Weight 2.00 lbs
Stock Status In Stock

A lightweight, high-output hose that is built to last.

The Featherweight Contractor Hose weighs less than two pounds! This full 5/8-inch diameter, 60-foot long hose features a corrugated construction that significantly reduces its overall weight. It comes with lead-free, anti-crush fittings. This hose is perfect for any watering task around the yard and garden. It handles water pressures up to 300 psi. The flexible construction resists kinking, even in cold weather. This hose is safe for drinking water and complies with Proposition 65 guidelines. The Featherweight Contractor Hose offers the same output of traditional contractor hoses at one-tenth the weight. Its lightweight design makes winding it into your hose reel nearly effortless. It also allows the hose to glide across grass and other smooth surfaces. This hose will provide you with years of reliable service. The manufacturer backs this quality with a one-year warranty!

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