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Safely pick up anything you don't want to handle or just can't reach!

Pick up objects as small as a dime or as heavy as a five pound brick. The EZ-Reacher Pro is standard equipment for sanitation workers, grounds maintenance crews, and gardeners. Makes a great gift for seniors as well.

The newer ergonomic handle design on the Pro reduces hand and finger stress. Locking feature allows jaws to lock on an object for retrieval.

Product Information


  • 40" long
  • Weighs 15 oz

Product Features

  • Locking feature allows jaws to lock onto an object for retrieval


Manufacturer warrants product for 90 days from the original date of purchase.

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from FL



I'm reaching an age of not liking to do stoop labor in the garden. There's also issues with bromeliad beds. The plants are prickly and can turn a hand or forearm into a bloody mess, so working on them at a distance with a long-reach pruner (I have an ARS) and the E-Z Reacher is a good deal. The E-Z Reacher has proven useful for a variety of purposes, including picking up leaves and other debris in tight spots. Its mechanism works well, but I wonder whether a bit of experimentation might yield a better pair of rubber graspers. I think it'll prove reasonably durable.

from AR

Almighty picker upper


It is very easy to use and takes lots of stress of my employees backs from bending over to pick up trash. It helpsmake the job of cleaning debris from campus more efficient.

from IA

EZ Reacher Pro #40 in.


This product is very well built. Strong enough to pick up heavy objects but versatile enough to pick up tiny objects. I use it when I am riding my lawn mower to quickly pick up stray or fallen tree branches, apples, walnuts or other debris so I dont have to stop cutting. The handle is comfortable, the grip lock is a nice feature, the cups are sturdy. The best I have used.