DynaTrap DT2000 Insect Trap 1 Acre Coverage

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The DynaTrap offers a 3-way protection plan for insect extermination!

First, UV fluorescent bulbs produce warm light to attract insects to the DynaTrap. Second, an exclusive coating of titanium dioxide inside DynaTrap produces carbon dioxide, which is irresistible to mosquitoes. Third, the insects are lured to the powerful vacuum fan where they are collected and trapped into the retaining cage away from the area of usage, providing the user safe pest protection and comfortable living quarters.

The DynaTrap DT2000 has brighter bulbs, a more powerful fan, a protective screen between bulbs and the fan, and a damper that closes when the trap is turned off to prevent the insects from escaping. Includes two UV bulbs with approximately 3,000 hours (4 months), cleaning brush and 10-foot cord. 22-inch H x 13-inch diameter. One acre coverage.

Traps mosquitoes, moths, black flies, sand flies/sand fleas/sand gnats, no-see-ums, horse/deer flies, Asian lady beetles, Japanese beetles and yellow jackets.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Durable, all-weather construction
  • Pesticide and odor free
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • No zapping or buzzing
  • No expensive attractant or propane required
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