Dimex ProLip Landscaping Edging Kit

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Stands up to low temperatures and ultraviolet rays!

Dimex ProLip Edging offers the longest 1-1/4-inch V-lip on the market. This edging features a durable recycled polyethylene construction. Each piece measures 20 feet in length and 5 inches from top to bottom. Dimex tops this edging with an extra-wide 1-inch diameter tube. Each edging kit includes four 9-1/2-inch steel stakes and a single 8-inch connector.

Dimex ProLip Edging Kits give you a bold, traditional edge. This edging combines a heavy-duty design with a flexible material. This combination makes it easy to shape and curve around landscaping beds. The extra-wide top tube makes ProLip Edging safe for high foot traffic areas.

ProLip Edging offers superior flexibility. Dimex manufacturers this edging with an extra-heavy top bead. This design provides it with excellent protection against frost heave and UV rays. Dimex makes this product in the USA!

Product Information

Product Features
  • Flexible landscaping edging
  • The longest 1-1/4-inch V-lip on the market
  • Heavy-duty recycled polyethylene construction
  • Extra-wide top tube
  • Includes steel stakes and a connector
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • Offers a bold, traditional edge
  • Easy to shape and curve around landscaping beds
  • Manufactured with an extra-heavy top bead
  • Wide top tube works well with heavy foot traffic
  • Excellent UV and frost protection
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