Deer Fencing Kit, 100-foot



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This D.I.Y. Deer Fencing Kit has everything you need to protect your trees, shrubs and garden from deer, pets and other predators.

The adjustable poles start at 4ft tall and can be lengthened to 7ft. Netting measures 7ft x 100ft once unfolded. Customize the netting and poles to fit whatever space and need you have.Kit includes:
  • (1) 7ft x 100ft Deer Netting
  • (10) Adjustable Poles
  • (20) Sod Staples
  • (50) Green Ties

Product Information


  • Netting material: Polypropylene
  • Netting height (feet): 7
  • Netting length (feet): 100
  • Netting color: Black
  • Poles included: 10
  • Pole height (feet): 4 to 7
  • Sod staples included: 20
  • Ties included: 50

Product Features

  • Complete deer fencing kit
  • Plastic mesh netting
  • Adjustable anchoring poles
  • Includes sod staples and ties

Product Benefits

  • Protects your plants from deer, pets, and other pests
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Customizable size and shape fits into nearly any area
  • Staples restrict access beneath the netting
  • Eliminates the need to piece together deer fencing



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from KS

Update on our deer fence


This morning we awoke to find an adolescent -appearing deer had jumped our fence and was wandering through our mini-orchard having a taste of all the delicious fruit tree/vine leaves. (They still ignore the peach trees.) He kept circling the perimeter, probably seeking a way out. He/she didn't know how to jump out, trying to chew one part of the fence, then suddenly jumped out, but did so badly, pulling down part of the fence along with a pole, breaking it. Fortunately we have a spare pole; these probably should be offered if they aren't. We'll now try adding random tomato cages throughout the central part of the structure to visually confuse them & hopefully jumping into the obstacles not look too appealing. We shall see!

from KS

Reasonably priced deer fencing


It's only been up a few weeks so the jury is still out, but so far:
- easy to put up
- easy to adjust to our individual needs (protect 8 new dwarf fruit trees)
- has withstood strong winds/rain
And this was the most reasonably priced one we'd found. We wish we'd found it before losing a number of trees to roaming urban deer!