Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots, Set of 3



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Ship Weight 13.50 lbs
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The Only Flowerpot with an Integrated Sprinkler

The Daisy Rain Three Pot Kit makes watering your flowers and vegetables easy and effortless. The macro-drip technology gives you the convenience of drip irrigation with less maintenance, no reservoir, and easy assembly. No tools required — just attach to any standard garden hose for quick and instant watering.

The Daisy Rain sprinkler sytem makes it hassle-free to water multiple planters! Up to 25 sprinkler pots can be linked together, allowing for all plants to share the same water source.

Product Information


The Daisy Rain Three Pot Kit includes:
  • Three 7-gallon Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots
  • Micro-Drip Conversion Kit with 25 PSI pressure regulator and 25 feet of hose
  • Three adjustable sprinkler heads
  • Three risers
  • Six figure-eight hose ends
  • Two tee fittings
  • Three coupler fittings
  • Four elbow fittings
  • Punch tool for conversion to subsoil soakers

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