Cultivator and Loop Hoe, 4-inch Width

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2 tools in one! Excellent for weeding, also great for cultivating! Extra-long reach!

For dual-purpose weeding and cultivating. Heavy duty steel head combines a 3-prong cultivator with a loop hoe. 4-inch head width for loop hoe; three 3.5-inch long tines for cultivator; 68.5-inch overall length.Long reach 5-foot powder coated aluminum handle has a 6-inch vinyl rubber grip for easy handling. Weight of 4 lbs.

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Product Specs
Overall length 68.5" and overall weight is 4 lbs. End of handle has a 6" rubber grip Loop hoe blade is 4" wide. Three prong cultivator depth is 3.5".
PFR Warranty
Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's one year warranty againt defects.
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