CRESBI Collapsible Crate System, Lime

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It's Not Just a Crate — It's a Lifestyle.

CRESBI® Crates are a sound choice for those striving to live a sustainable lifestyle. This durable patent-pending crate system helps you carry the load in the garden, at the store, in the car, and more. CRESBI® Crates were developed by an environmentally-conscious stay-at-home mom/engineer/edamame farmer with a desire to find a reliable, sustainable alternative to wasteful plastic grocery bags.

The space-saving CRESBI® Crates are collapsible and stackable when not in use. With a simple pop, they are open and ready to fill. These crates come with a convenient, adjustable strap. Carry a crate over your shoulder or at your side by moving the strap from side-to-side or end-to-end. Dimensions: 15-inches long x 10-inches wide x 7.625-inches high.


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Crate length (inches): 15
  • Crate width (inches): 10
  • Crate depth (inches): 7-5/8
  • Collapsed depth (inches): 2
  • Color: Lime
  • Weight (pounds): 1-1/2
Product Features
  • Patent-pending collapsible design
  • Rigid polypropylene construction
  • Stackable in either open or closed state
  • Adjustable carrying strap
Product Benefits
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and cardboard boxes
  • Great for carrying things around the home, garden, or grocery store
  • Excellent storage solution for your home, office, or workshop
  • Adjustable strap allows you carry on your shoulder or at your side
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
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