Council Tools GroundHog® Cutter Mattock



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Essential tools for novice and professional gardeners alike!

The GroundHog® Cultivator Mattock features a drop-forged, American-made tool steel head. This one-piece head combines a mattock with an axe-type edge. A slip-on eye connects it to an 18-inch long hickory handle with a blue vinyl grip.

This GroundHog® Mattock helps complete a variety of gardening tasks. The mattock helps break up hard or compacted soil to prepare for planting. The cutting edge is great for weeding between plants and garden rows. Its axe-like edge makes short work of even the toughest roots. The long handle provides increased leverage while its vinyl grips provide a secure and comfortable hold.

Council Tools created their GroundHog® Mattocks for novice and professional gardeners alike. From head to handle, these tools are incredibly durable. Council Tools has proudly manufactured each of their tools in the USA since 1886!

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Product Information


  • 18" hickory handle
  • 1 lb head

Product Features

  • Small ax on one side, mattock blade on the other
  • Blue comfort grip

Product Benefits

  • Good for weeding in between plants and garden rows. Also good for cutting roots

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