Council Tools GroundHog Mattocks, 3-Tool Set



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Three essential tools for novice and professional gardeners alike!

This set includes the GroundHog Cultivator Mattock, GroundHog Cutter Mattock, and the GroundHog Pick Mattock. Each of these tools features a drop-forged, American-made tool steel head. These one-piece heads have a slip-on eye to connect them to 18-inch long hickory handles. Council Tools outfits each handle with a long vinyl grip.

GroundHog Mattocks allow you to complete a variety of gardening tasks. The mattock side of the head is ideal for breaking up hard or compacted soils. Use the Cultivator Mattock for tilling and for weeding soft-rooted vegetation. The Cutter Mattock makes short work of tough roots and makes weeding between garden rows fast and easy. The Pick Mattock is excellent for rocky soil and for making small planting holes for seeds or seedlings. The long handle provides increased leverage while its vinyl grips provide a secure and comfortable hold.

Council Tools created their GroundHog Mattocks for novice and professional gardeners alike. From head to handle, these tools are incredibly durable. Council Tools has proudly manufactured each of their tools in the USA since 1886!

Product Information


  • Individual tool weight (pounds): 1.8
  • Tool length (inches): 18
  • Head material: Steel
  • Head weight (pounds): 1
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 18

Product Features

  • Set of three dual-headed mattocks
  • Drop-forged, tool steel head
  • Slip-on eye connection
  • Hickory handle
  • Vinyl grip
  • Made in the USA!

Product Benefits

  • Great for completing a wide variety of gardening tasks
  • Designed to break up hard and compacted soil
  • Long handle provides increased leverage during use
  • Vinyl grip provides a safe and comfortable hold
  • Perfectly balanced for both comfort and efficiency
  • Incredibly durable and long-lasting tools

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