Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler 7 Cu Ft Capacity

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Fast, Efficient, Continuous Compost Production

The Compost Wizard's dual chamber design supports processing two batches of compost simultaneously for continuous production of high-quality compost.

To begin, place the fully assembled composter in a sunny spot, fill one of the chambers with kitchen and/or yard waste, and turn every few days. The heat of the sun will cook the waste, turning it into rich, fertile compost.

While the first batch is processing you can begin a second batch by filling the other chamber. Processing times vary but typically complete in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. When complete, empty and repeat it's that easy.

As an added benefit, the Compost Wizard has a 5-gallon reservoir base that collects the compost run-off liquid which can be used as a nutritious compost tea.

Go to Garden Therapy to read 5 Reasons to Use a Compost Tumbler and see how garden blogger Stephanie Rose put the Compost Wizard to use!

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