Collapsible Buckets

Easy convenient storable buckets!

These Collapsible Buckets are made of heavy-duty flexible silicone. Each bucket can hold up to 2-1/2 gallons of liquid yet folds flat to only 2 inches in width. These buckets have an easy-pour plastic rim and a sturdy plastic base. Choose your desired color below.

When in their collapsed form, these buckets take up very little space. The easy-pour rim minimizes spills by directing liquid where you want it. The plastic base and rim help the buckets keep their shape and ensures they will not collapse during use. A swing handle makes them easy to carry when full.

Collapsible Buckets are perfect for gardening, camping, harvesting, cleaning, boating, and more. They are also ideal for people with limited storage. The heavy-duty silicone material is flexible and nonporous, making these buckets both durable and leak-proof. Once you finish your job, collapse the bucket and hang them up using the convenient hanging hole!

Item # Color Stock Status Price Qty
RCB-7G Green In Stock $20.17
RCB-LA Lavender In Stock $20.17

Product Information


  • Material: Silicone
  • Capacity (gallons): 2-1/2
  • Color: Varies

Product Features

  • Collapsible buckets
  • Heavy-duty silicone construction
  • Easy-pour plastic rim
  • Plastic base
  • Swing handle
  • Hanging hole

Product Benefits

  • Takes up little space while in collapsed state
  • Perfect for gardening, camping, harvesting, cleaning, boating, and more
  • Heavy-duty silicone material is durable and nonporous
  • Easy-pour rim directs water where you want it to go, minimizing spills
  • Plastic base makes it extra sturdy during use and helps the bucket keep its shape
  • Swing handle allows for easy carrying when full

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