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Allsop Clean Up Canvas

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Yard Clean-Up in a Cinch!

The Allsop Clean-Up Canvas is a heavy-duty tarp that comes equipped with four reinforced, soft-grip rubber handles that interlock. The handles make it super easy for one person to lift and haul the canvas. Using this Clean-Up Canvas is as easy as 1-2-3:
  1. Rake, clip, or dump debris onto the canvas
  2. Join the corners together by slipping the larger corner handle through the other handle loops
  3. Easily haul away the debris without undue strain
The Clean-Up Canvas is great for clippings, leaves, grass, mulch, and other debris. Also use it as a tent ground cover, a pickup bed or trailer cover, and so much more! The canvas measures 79 inches x 73 inches. It holds up to 300 pounds or 20 cubic feet.
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