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Easily read this rain gauge up to 50 feet away!

The Classic Jumbo EZ Read Rain Gauge features an oversized 20-inch tube that measures rainfall from a slight sprinkle up to 5 inches. The unique funnel design is specially calibrated to ensure an accurate rainfall measurement. The funnel is constructed to prevent debris from entering the tube. The EZ Read Rain Gauge is made from durable, high-impact plastic. A mounting bracket is included for easy installation.

Product Information


  • Dimensions: 20 inches x 1-3/4 inches
  • Molded from high impact plastic
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Registers up to 5 inches of rainfall

Product Features

  • Entry funnel is constructed to prevent debris from entering tube
  • Can be read from a distance of 50 feet
  • Yellow markings with contrasting colored float are easy to see from a distance
  • Easily mounted with included mounting bracket


Manufacturer supplies a one-year limited warranty.



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QUESTION: I don't understand if it rains one inch why it would show 4 inches. Can you please explain this? ANSWER: The rain gauge has a gathering funnel at the top that gathers the rain from more than a 'one square inch' area. A one inch rainfall would gather one inch of water if the rain gauge didn't have the funnel. If the funnel was the size that would cover 2 square inches, one inch of rainfall would show as 2 inches in the rain gauge. If the funnel was the size that would cover 3 square inches, one inch of rainfall would show as 3 inches in the rain gauge. The funnel is calibrated to gather the water from a large enough area to raise the rain gauge more than 4 for each inch of rain that actually falls. The gauge is made like this so that it is easier to read, and so that the amount of rainfall can be determined from a distance.

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from NC

How do read it?


I like the gauge but wonder how to read it. Do you read it from the bottom of the float, the top of the float, or the center of the float?

Gardener's Edge responds: For the most accurate measurement, read the rain gauge from the bottom of the float.

from MO



I was ready to be put on the wait list to order one of these until I read that one inch of rain would raise the float to show 4”. This makes no sense even after reading the explanation. No go from me me.

Gardener's Edge responds: We apologize for any confusion. We have reviewed and updated our product description.

from TX

Great gauge


To answer your question, the slips just like the top. Just pull bottom off and clean. Be sure to put O-ring back in place and lube (I use Pam veg. spray), put back together.

from KY

Cleaning rain gauge


Like everything about this rain gauge. Away on holiday, rain sat in gauge for 14 days and algae collected/dried in bottom. Would like to know how to clean dried algae. Does the bottom "button" unscrew? My bottle washer is not long enough to reach bottom. Bleach did not loosen the dried scum.