Choppers Hammer-In Classic Scalloped Landscape Edging

Hammer-In Edging Installs Quickly, No Digging Required

Choppers Classic Scalloped Landscape Edging is one of the easiest edging to install on the market. Simply tap the reinforced flat "anvil top" with a hammer or mallet to pound into the ground. Its large cutting teeth will slice through the soil so no digging is necessary.

A built-in level line helps you keep edging aligned during installation for a uniform look. Integrated interlocking fasteners slide together to create a solid connection, while the exclusive edging anchors keep edging pieces securely in place.

Use for borders, corners, complex curves, tight circles, dividing beds and more. Made from durable black resin construction, each section measures approximately 6" x 6".

Item # Length Stock Status Price Qty
2020 20ft (40 pieces total) In Stock $29.99
2050 60 ft (120 pieces total) In Stock $69.99

Product Information


  • Each section measures approximately 6" x 6".
  • Durable resin construction.
  • Decorative scallop design.

Product Features

  • Integral interlocking fasteners slide together.
  • Large cutting teeth on bottom.
  • Flat "anvil top" edge for easy hammering.
  • Exclusive anchors keep edging pieces securely in place.

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