Centurion Monster Pro Lopper



Item # PRO665
Ship Weight 4.31 lbs
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A double gear drive makes cutting 50 percent easier!

The Monster Pro Lopper features Centurion's powerful Link-Force® double gear drive cutting mechanism. This lopper also has a guillotine-shaped steel-glad jaw and a non-stick cutting blade. Centurion finishes these loppers with lightweight aluminum handles and a cushioned non-slip grip.Thanks to the Link-Force® cutting mechanism, the lopper slices through the hardest branches easy. It offers a cutting capacity of up to two inches in diameter. The guillotine-shaped jaw secures branches for easier cleaner pruning cuts. Its non-stick, low friction cutting blade prevents material buildup during use.Centurion Loppers make cutting 50 percent easier thanks to their unique double gear drive mechanism. Their lightweight aluminum handle keeps weight to a minimum. Their cushioned grip makes them comfortable. Their fully hardened steel head stays sharper for longer, so you are always ready for the next pruning task!

Product Information


  • Product weight (pounds): 4.31
  • Product length (inches): 33-2/3
  • Product width (inches): 10-1/2
  • Cutting capacity (inches): 2

Product Features

  • Link-Force double gear drive cutting mechanism
  • Guillotine-shaped, steel-clad jaw
  • Fully hardened steel head
  • Non-stick, low friction cutting head
  • Lightweight aluminum handles
  • Cushioned non-slip grip

Product Benefits

  • Link-Force cutting mechanism slices through even the hardest branches with ease
  • Guillotine-shaped jaw secures branches for a clean cut
  • Non-stick cutting blade resists sap and material buildup
  • Lightweight aluminum handles keep weight to a minimum
  • Non-slip cushioned grip maximizes safety and comfort
  • Hardened steel head stays sharper for longer

Product Safety

Prop 65

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