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Centurion Monster Pro Lopper

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A double gear drive makes cutting 50 percent easier!

The Monster Pro Lopper features Centurion's powerful Link-Force® double gear drive cutting mechanism. This lopper also has a guillotine-shaped steel-glad jaw and a non-stick cutting blade. Centurion finishes these loppers with lightweight aluminum handles and a cushioned non-slip grip. Thanks to the Link-Force® cutting mechanism, the lopper slices through the hardest branches easy. It offers a cutting capacity of up to two inches in diameter. The guillotine-shaped jaw secures branches for easier cleaner pruning cuts. Its non-stick, low friction cutting blade prevents material buildup during use. Centurion Loppers make cutting 50 percent easier thanks to their unique double gear drive mechanism. Their lightweight aluminum handle keeps weight to a minimum. Their cushioned grip makes them comfortable. Their fully hardened steel head stays sharper for longer, so you are always ready for the next pruning task!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product weight (pounds): 4.31
  • Product length (inches): 33-2/3
  • Product width (inches): 10-1/2
  • Cutting capacity (inches): 2
Product Features
  • Link-Force® double gear drive cutting mechanism
  • Guillotine-shaped, steel-clad jaw
  • Fully hardened steel head
  • Non-stick, low friction cutting head
  • Lightweight aluminum handles
  • Cushioned non-slip grip
Product Benefits
  • Link-Force® cutting mechanism slices through even the hardest branches with ease
  • Guillotine-shaped jaw secures branches for a clean cut
  • Non-stick cutting blade resists sap and material buildup
  • Lightweight aluminum handles keep weight to a minimum
  • Non-slip cushioned grip maximizes safety and comfort
  • Hardened steel head stays sharper for longer

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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