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GURUmulch™ Premium Mulch Colorant


Restore vibrant color to mulch without breaking a sweat!

Bulk mulch products used for landscape beautification are rapidly produced and color is quickly and cheaply added using an inferior dye. All mulches are destined to fade very quickly, typically lasting only one season. GURUmulch™ is a premium mulch colorant designed to restore faded and weathered mulch back to its original vibrancy and depth. Blended with patented polymer innovation that increases adhesion and longevity for a result that is unrivaled on the market. GURUmulch will save money, time, and labor by simply applying a superior, longer lasting colorant to mulch. GURUmulch offers a vast savings in cost and labor when compared to replacing landscaping bed coverings season after season.

Recommended 15:1 mix ratio requires 8oz of colorant to 1 gallon of water. Which means the convenient 1 quart serving can be mixed directly into a common 4 gallon sprayer, with 480oz of water. 4 gallons of mix covers 800-1,200 sqft. Available in popular Jet Black and Chestnut Brown. And Auburn Pine can be used to freshen up pine straw covered areas as well as red mulches. Made in the USA! Ship wt. 2.5lb"



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