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Stick-A-Fly® Fly Traps

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Use this trap to eliminate pesky flying insects!

JT Eaton Stick-A-Fly® Fly Traps utilize a pheromone to lure flying insects to the trap. Once they hit the trap, a glue-covered surface traps them until they perish. Each pack includes one trap and one lure.

These traps are excellent for eliminating flies, gnats, moths, and other small flying insects indoors and outdoors. Unlike those ribbon-based traps, Stick-A-Fly® Traps have a discrete design. This allows you to use them in your attic, basement, garage, kitchen, or shop without them attracting unwanted attention. You can place the trap on a surface, mount it, or hang it up depending on the environment.

Cheaper glue-based traps dry out quickly and need replaced often – this is not true with Stick-A-Fly® Fly Traps. The non-toxic adhesive will not dry out and remains incredibly effective. They also emit no unpleasant insecticide odors like similar traps. These traps are ready-to-use or you can sprinkle on the included lure package to draw even more insects into the trap!


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Traps per package: 1
  • Lures per package: 1
Product Features
  • Sticky fly trap
  • Includes pheromone lure
  • Discrete size
Product Benefits
  • Effectively controls flies, gnats, moths, and other small flying insects
  • Non-toxic adhesive will not dry out and emits no unpleasant insecticide odor
  • Ready to use right out of the package or sprinkle on the lure to trap more pests
  • Smaller design is easier to hide than ribbon-based traps
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