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ECHO Red Armor Blade Cleaner and Lubricant

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Reduce blade drag, inhibit corrosion, and promote plant health!

ECHO created their Red Armor Blade Cleaner & Lubricant using a bio-based formulation. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals. This bottle contains 12 ounces of Red Armor. Resin and sap buildup hinders performance by preventing your blades from moving smoothly. Red Armor contains tacky lubricants that dissolve these resins and sap. Red Armor is useful for both professionals and homeowners. Use it with numerous hand tools, including pruners, shears, loppers, and axes. It also works well with several types of power tool blades like hedge trimmers, brush cutters, and circular saws. Use daily to maintain optimal blade function. ECHO Red Armor Blade Cleaner & Lubricant reduces blade drag and inhibits corrosion. Its unique bio-based formulation also prevents damage to your plants, leaving you with a well-manicured lawn. Red Armor keeps your equipment in optimal condition and reduces costly repairs and downtime!

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