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Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew Insect Killer

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Safe for organic gardening!

Bonide's Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew contains Spinosad. Spinosad, a naturally-occurring bacterium, kills insects by both contact and ingestion. Use this product in your home fruit and vegetable gardens, on your lawns, and on your trees and ornamentals. Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew works on many insects, including:
  • Codling moths
  • Leafminers
  • Thrips
  • Army worms
  • Potato beetles
  • Worms (caterpillar)
This is a 1-quart (32-ounce) jug. Mix rate is 2 ounces of product per 1 gallon of water. We cannot ship this product to AK or HI.

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