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Having healthy seeds is important, but it is also essential to have the right planting mix and soil. Gardener's Edge carries a wide variety of seed starting mixes, as well as Wonder Soil pots, pellets, and sprout house to help you grow. Shop today!

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  1. Image 1 of the PittMoss Prime Soil Amendment 4 Cubic Feet
    PittMoss Prime Soil Amendment 4 Cubic Feet
  2. Gardinnovations Seed-In™ Soil Digger
    Gardinnovations Seed-In™ Soil Digger
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Growing seeds does not have to be tough. The key is to be prepared with the right supplies - and our wide variety of planting mixes will get you there. Our mixes come in multiple sizes and forms, such as pellets, mats, wafers, and traditional loose mixtures. With our expandable mixes, just add water and watch these mixes expand up to 10x their original volume. It's a great alternative to heavy, cumbersome potting soil!

In addition to mixes, we carry seeds, sprout houses, mushroom garden kits, and more to help you with your gardening project. Though it all starts with the appropriate level of sun, water, shade, and climate, at times your plants still need those extra nutrients. Our seed starting mixes are high quality, eco-friendly, and sure to help your plants grow as healthy as can be. Shop our selection today, and be sure to check out the rest of our seed starting supplies!