Pruning Saws

Tackle the toughest outdoor pruning jobs with pruning saws from Gardener's Edge. Whether you are cutting branches or removing roots, our durable and ergonomic folding saws allow you to work with ease and comfort. Check out our selection of saws today!

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When you have a pruning job that is out of reach, our first-rate selection of pole and telescoping pruning saws will solve the problem. Reviewers of our Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw call it “superior” and note that it cuts limbs and branches “like butter.” We also carry handy curved-blade pole saws for getting deep into thorny ornamentals.

Want a quick and portable solution for pesky roots and branches around your home or camp site? Need a lightweight tool for removing suckers on your favorite fruit trees? Gardener's Edge offers an assortment of handheld and folding saws and replacement blades to fit the job. Check out popular folding curved blade pruning saws from reliable brands like Leonard, Corona, and Felco.

Gardener's Edge is proud to provide garden tools that offer comfort and convenience to tough jobs like pruning shrubs and trees. Our saws are even great to have along when camping and hiking. Professionals and hobbyists alike praise our quality garden saws for their durability and long-life under the toughest circumstances. Check out our selection today!