Pole Saws & Tree Pruners

Sometimes, the task at hand is just out of reach. Whether you are clearing brush or pruning trees, Gardner’s Edge has got you covered with a range of products that can get the job done from a distance. That means a healthier tree, and a safer cut.

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    Scotts Cordless Lithium Pruner with Pole
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Pruners vs. pole saws — what’s the difference?

Pruners and pole saws are both meant to cut hard-to-reach branches. Pruners generally have smaller blades that slice rather than saw and can be used on branches up to a few inches thick. For thicker branches, it’s best to go with a pole saw.

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

There are a few reasons to prune your trees. For starters, it makes them healthier — cutting away dying branches prevents insects and other organisms from spreading and can prolong the life of the tree. Tree pruning also gives you greater control of your tree’s growth by letting you choose which limbs go and which ones keep on growing.

Remember to exercise caution when you're working with high wood - falling limbs can be dangerous. If you plan on doing some branch maintenance closer to the ground, be sure to check out our pruning saws, our garden and hand pruners, and the rest of our gardening tools.