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Garden spaces and patios attract pests like mosquitos, flies, and wasps. When you‘ve got bugs in your garden, you need effective outdoor pest control solutions. At Gardener‘s Edge, we offer a variety of products to help with your unwanted invasions.

Get rid of pesky mosquitos with outdoor pest control solutions from Gardener‘s Edge. One of our best-selling products is the mosquito-fighting reed diffuser. It covers over 250 square feet and contains no dangerous chemicals, making it safe for children. Whether placing it poolside, on your patio, or in your garden, you‘ll be mosquito free for months. Enjoy your favorite outdoor space again with Gardener‘s Edge pest solutions!

Don‘t let wasps or flies take over outdoor spaces; use our effective baits and traps on these flying fiends. Our no-mess Fatal Funnel Trap will attract wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets so you don‘t feel their sting. For flies, try our lure baits! Your outdoor gatherings and mealtimes will be festive and fly free.

At Gardener‘s Edge, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy your favorite outdoor spaces by providing the best outdoor pest control solutions. Whether you‘re battling wasps and hornets or mosquitos and flies, our products will help rid you of unwanted pests. For more ways to improve your patios, pools, and other outdoor areas, take a look at our outdoor living space and keep pests away!