Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows

The age-old saying “work smarter, not harder” certainly applies to the world of gardening. And nothing is smarter than using a garden cart or wheelbarrow to accomplish a lot with minimal trips. Check out the great selection from Gardener's Edge today!

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Whether you are looking for a garden scooter or a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, we have you covered. Our garden scoots allow you to keep supplies close at hand while saving your knees and joints. Why kneel when you can sit on a comfortable seat and still reach your plants? For those harder jobs, we carry a variety of wheelbarrows that come in metal and plastic. Whether you want a traditional push model or would rather invest in a wagon or pull style, here you can find a quality product from brands like Leonard, Smart Cart, and WheelEasy.

Keep your yard in tip-top shape, while also making it easy on yourself. Our garden carts and wheelbarrows will help you lug plants, debris and more in a comfortable and easy manner while completing tasks quickly and effectively. Also, if you are stuck with a flat tire or need to stock up on supplies, we carry tires, handles, tow hitches, and other accessories. Be sure to take a look at our broader selection of landscaping supplies too!