Galvanized Planters & Plant Stands

Galvanized planters and stands are a great way to add functionality to your garden or home, while also giving it that rustic, cabin-in-the-woods feel. At Gardener's Edge, we've got a wide variety of galvanized accessories big and small, so you can spruce up any size garden.

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What are the benefits of a raised garden bed?

There are a ton of reasons to get behind (or in front of) raised garden beds. For one, they reduce back strain when bending over to tend the garden. For older gardeners, and people with bad backs, this is especially helpful. Beyond that, they are great for small plots of veggies and flowers. Their elevation protects the soil from pathway weeds and provides good drainage. The sides of the bed serve as a barrier to pests like slugs and snails and keep your valuable garden soil from eroding or washing away during heavy rains. And if square foot gardening is your thing, the well-defined barriers between raised garden beds couldn't make your life easier.

Are galvanized steel planters safe?

To put it simply, yes. Zinc is one of the most widely used metals in the world - in galvanized steel, the zinc alloy coating protects the steel underneath from corrosion and extends the life of the steel.

At Gardener's Edge, our galvanized planters and stands are a great way to give your garden or home that simple, timeless look. For more gardening planters, check out our window boxes, plant stands, indoor planters, and the rest of our garden planters.