Bulb Bopper® Bulb Planter

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Comfortably plant hundreds of tulips, daffodils, lilies, gladiolus, and other flower bulbs in a matter of hours rather than days.

There's no more need to break your back using old fashioned hand tools! The Bulb Bopper makes planting flower bulbs faster and easier than ever before. The revolutionary premium stainless steel design essentially pulls the grass and soil out in a "core sample" type plug that you can drop right back into the hole. You'll have to look closely to see that the lawn has been disturbed at all.

Ideal for planting flower bulbs in your garden or naturalizing them in your lawn. It also happens to be a lot of fun—and isn't that what the fine art of gardening is really all about? Also works well for transplanting, planting seedlings, grass plugs, and fertilizer spikes.

Designed for use with a 3.0 amp or larger corded drill or 24 amp or larger cordless drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck. Creates a 2-inch diameter planting hole. Drill two holes side by side for larger bulbs. Full 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Product Information


  • Creates a 2-inch diameter planting hole.
  • 7-inch planting depth.
  • Designed for use with a 3.0 amp or larger corded drill or 24 amp or larger cordless drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck.
  • Includes a dowel to push the soil out of the Bulb Bopper auger and back into the hole. For safety reasons, please do not use your fingers.
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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from PA

Easy to Use


Best tool ever!

from WI

Soil type makes a difference


Over all I am pleased with bulb bopper; it is difficult to use in SE WI clay & stony soil; however using a manual bulb planter is much worse. I suggest 2 different size boppers - one larger for large bulbs such as hyacinth and narcissus.

from NC

Bulb Bopper


I LOVE the Bulb Bopper! After spending years digging in red clay soil, now I just turn on the drill, and PRESTO - a hole that is just right. Thanks

from CO

Bulb Bopper


I just received my Bulb Bopper a couple of weeks ago and have planted several bulbs. Previously I have used an auger that attaches to an electric drill and several other types of bulb planters. This one was absolutely the easiest of all to use. I could use it sitting down which saved by back. The directions were helpful and complete - and the quality of the product was superb (even my husband was amazed)! I love flowers from bulbs but hate planting them. Two years ago I planted approximately 500 bulbs and got plantar fasciitis from shoveling and using the bulb planters that you have to push with your foot. I have recently ordered about 400 bulbs which should arrive soon, so my Bulb Bopper is really going to get a good workout! I'm sure it will make this chore much easier and my garden will be the envy of the neighborhood! Thanks, Gardeners Edge, for such a quality product - I'm not always so pleased with my internet purchases, but no unpleasant surprises with this product! I highly recommend it!

from MI

Works like a charm!


The Bulb Bopper works amazingly well. I used it a couple of days after soaking the planting bed, and it easily and quickly bored into the stoney soil. It worked just fine with my cordless drill.

from MA

Great tool!


I have a large bulb garden and couldn't do without the bulb bopper. Not only do I plant bulbs in the fall but also remove bulbs in the spring which no longer blossom.

from CA

Bulb Bopper


The idea is good and probably works in heavy soils but my soil is sandy and it proves to be ineffective. I will try it again when I start my bulb planting this fall.

from IN

bulb planting made easy


Wow! Absolutely perfect! This is by far the best bulb planter I have ever used. No tired arms, no backache, and no headache. I planted 400 bulbs in one afternoon. I will send pictures of the planting bed when it blooms. Bulbs for all 4 seasons, 4 pictures. Way to go. I love this catalog.

from NJ

Easiest bulbs I have ever planted!


This is an excellent piece of equipment. It is extremely well made and very easy to use. In early December, while visiting family in Maryland, I was able to plant 75 tulip bulbs in such a short amount of time. Once the hole was covered over by just pushing the soil back there was no evidence of a planting. I am so excited to be able to plant gladiolus bulbs in the spring. I have never been able to get them right; I will with this Bulb bopper.

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