Bontone Rooting Powder 1.25oz.



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Bontone Rooting Powder makes propagating plants fast and easy!

This powder contains Indole-3-buteyric acid, a plant hormone that triggers root development. Rooting powder can be used for the general treatment of bulbs, roots, and corms. To use, take cuttings that have 2-3 nodes, from a healthy plant. Remove leaves at the base of the cutting, as this is where the root will develop. It is recommended to take cuttings before or after the plant has flowered, if there are flowers present. Stir the ends of the cutting in rooting powder, and stick in a rooting medium, like potting soil. Mist regularly and keep moist.

Product Information

Product Features

  • Fast and easy propagating
  • Contains plant hormone, Indole-3-butyric acid 0.10%
  • Speeds root development in cuttings, bulbs, corms, and roots