Blue Viper Disappearing Dye Refill, 4-pk



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Disappearing Blue Dye Lets You Know Where You Have Sprayed

  • Blue Viper Disappearing Dye is specially formulated, non-staining, liquid polymeric colorant created for use with the Blue Viper Weed Sprayer (#B1100).
  • The dye gives you accurate visual feedback as to the coverage and uniformity of where you have sprayed.
  • Weed killer tinted with Blue Viper's Disappearing Dye can be easily monitored thanks to the sprayer's see-through reservoir.
  • The dye is completely soluble and photosensitive — dissipating from turf in hours regardless of weather conditions.
  • On skin, Blue Viper's Disappearing Dye washes off easily with just a little soap and water. No scrubbing with toxic products.
  • On clothes, the dye rinses off with a hose or comes out in the wash.
  • The chemistry of the dye is inert and pH neutral, making it environmentally-friendly.
  • Dye is non-ionic and never interferes with weed killer's effectiveness, letting you choose your favorite brand of weed killer.

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